Countdown Begins: Friday April 13, 2012 WC.

Our apologies for our late postings; we had a computer crash in Burlington, Vermont which was not resolved until 4:00pm today.

Friday April 13, 2012 Schedule

Relegation: Slovakia vs Germany      1:00 pm
Semifinal #1 Canada vs Finland          3:00 pm (broadcast on TSN live) 
5th and 6th Place  Russia vs Sweden 5:00 pm
Semifinal #2 USA vs Switzerland         7:00 pm.

Finland's goalie Noora Raty has promised to blog on the game vs CAnada for WINIH along with notes from Elin Holmlov on the Sweden Russia game and Kathrin Lehmann for the Swiss and Caitlin Cahow, the injured US player bloggin on the Swiss game tomorrow as well. Stay tuned.         

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