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Head Coach

Miroslav Karafiat 2010/11/12
Date of Birth: 30 Dec 1961

Assistant Coach 2012
Imrich Antal Date of Birth: 8 JUN 1964

Interview with Miroslav Karafiat Sept 09


Miroslav Karfiat


Q. Give us an idea of the training details for the Slovak team off the ice?

A.Our team have off ice practice every summer 2-3 month; some examples are : cool down, games with a ball (soccer, basketball etc.), various competition, running and gym work out.

Q. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the team?

A.Strengths of our team is : they work with great heart, every player gives thier maximum  self.Weaknesses of our team : low number of international games with "TOP teams" e.g. SWE, FIN, CAN, USA.

Q. How would the team prepare for a game vs Canada?

A.We prepare for games vs. CAN same as usual. (team works with a huge heart and tactical discipline on ice) We would like play good lovely games for spectators.

Q. What is the mental preparation for the team: special song? Team movie? Team activity?

A.Our players have  special meetings with a psychologist and also players themselves prepare motivational videos and songs.

Q. Slovakia is new to the Olympics, how do you deal with the pressure ofbeing the underdog?

A.The Slovakia women's team participate in Olympic qualification for the first time ever.  We are very happy to participae. We are a small country in this big sport event. We don't feel the pressure because we will surprise the world again like in Bad Tolz ( where we qualified).

Q. How has Olympic qualification changed the players attitudes?

A.Every player on "Olympic team" works much harder than ever before. They would like to play as much they can. I hope the players will be healthy and in good condition for the Olympics. Slovakia has only 300 registered players which means that the our qualification for  the Olympics is small miracle

Q. How would you describe the team?

A.Our team is a  young and talented team who work with great heart. I hope that the our team will improve getting better and better because we would like play in IIHF TOP division.

Q. Why did you chose to coach the women's team?

A.My decision to coach women was not hard because my daughter plays ice hockey since she was  6 years old. I am very close to my daughter. She played first National game when she was 13 years old. When I got the offer be a national  team coach I decided very quickly. And from season 2004/2005 I am was chosen by the Executive Committee of Slovak Ice Hockey Federation for the womens Team head coach job.

Q. What is your favourite part of coaching women's hockey?

A.I am very happy if players play good and with "smile". And If I see that our work have sense and after winning games I see satisfaction from all members of team.

Q. What is the attitude towards women's hockey in Slovakia?

A.Attitude from our team towards from "world" we compare on Olympic because from this moment we dont many chance compare our strength. As well as world ranking from IIHF our team move for lover position but we will try, it is also goal, beat some team before us. But we have naturally respect from our all oponents.